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The word SPA essentially means "Selus Per Aqua" in Latin, "Health From Water" or "Health From Water". The origins of the spa also extend to the Romans. Spreading to Europe over time, SPA basically includes family therapies and cares. The places where these services are offered are defined as SPA or SPA Center.

Along with water, natural and healing stones, aromatic oils and professional massage techniques are also used in spa treatments. Those who come to the spa center can choose any of these massages or treatments.

SPA treatments can range from cellulite treatment to skin care or stress relief massages. Our answer to those who wonder what a spa is, what does it do? With SPA massages and cares, it is possible to get away from the stress of the day, to revitalize, to relax, to receive anti-cellulite treatment, to take care of the face and skin, to cleanse, and to benefit from all kinds of therapies.

Bagno SPA, located in Miapera, is waiting for you to take you away from the tiredness of the day and the chaos of the city and offer you everything you want to relax.

We are happy to serve as Bagno SPA, with the awareness of helping your body to treat discomfort with special massage techniques in a personalized massage room where you can get the care your body needs with the experience of the experienced expert staff of Bagno SPA.
You will relieve stress in the 1.40-meter deep pool in the Bagno SPA, relieve the tiredness of the day in the state-of-the-art pressurized jacuzzi, renew your cells in our menthol sauna and enjoy relaxing and refreshing in the steam room.